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Truth to power

This man knows how to promote a book.


God vs. atheism, unplugged

These two maybe have more in common than they realize.

It is a wonderful world: two of our culture’s most entertaining buffoons, Al Sharpton and Christopher Hitchens, got together last night to debate the existence of God. I’d say this event could be seen as a pretty good argument for either side. It was apparently a very well-mannered and thoughtful debate, truth be told. (How disappointing.) To sum up: Hitchens blasted religion for its propagation of “blood-stained old myths” and “eye-for-an-eye vengeance”, while Sharpton stuck to defending an abstract Almighty rather than actual organized religion, agreeing that the latter has been “misused.”

Despite my general agreement with Hitchens, Reverend Al unquestionably landed the best jab of the night:

“At the end what is refreshing is that you are a man of faith,” Mr. Sharpton told Mr. Hitchens, to much laughter, “because any man that at this point has faith that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq has more faith than any religious person I know.”

Point, set, match.