The mark of the Wolff

Wow. What can one possibly say in defense of this bizarre travesty? This is what the Wolff Olins agency came up with as a logo for the 2012 London Olympics.

The organisation said that the new emblem aims to be “dynamic, modern and flexible” and “will work with new technology and across traditional and new media networks”.

“London 2012 is inspired by you and it’s for all of you,” said Lord Coe, the chairman of the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games. “My pledge is that I will make these everyone’s games.”

So the future is magenta. And hideous. If you didn’t notice that the jagged shapes sort of spell out 2012, well, neither did the rest of us. (Also, the London Olympics are for you, Time’s person of the year! Congratulations. Again.)

Many thousands of dollars were presumably spent on coming up with a logo for the Olympics and this is the best they could do? Something that would’ve seemed anachronistic 15 years ago? More than 80% of respondents to a BBC poll disapprove of the logo. Hopefully this will be like the NBA’s microfiber ball and get recalled after a few months of griping. Otherwise, you can look forward to this eyesore polluting the city’s landscape for years to come.


One response to “The mark of the Wolff

  1. Hear, hear. I wish there was an x-factor/american idol type show for the logos which would have forced the nerdy graphic designers responsible for this mess of a logo to withstand some of Simon Cowell’s wrath. Alas there is no such show but some of the BBC alternatives are quite nice
    I liked the 6th and 8th but the 11th is probably captures the true spirit of the Olympics.

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