So long, old friend.

Wow, I’ve been really terrible about updating this blog. In my defense, I’ve been sick with a cold and had out-of-town visitors this week. Still! No excuses. I promise to try and be more productive — if that’s a word one can use in regard to blog posting.

So much has happened in the last week, too. Blair announced his resignation, Chirac’s successor was elected. But most importantly: Bob Barker is throwing in the towel. Hank Stuever gives the Price is Right host a funny (and only slightly mocking) send-off in a piece from the Washington Post:

Just the sound of it feels, somehow nostalgically, like being in bed with the flu. (“Come on down!” roars the announcer, Rich Fields — who replaced the late Rod Roddy in 2003, who replaced Johnny Olson in 1986 — as you beg some 7Up and toast to stay on down.) There is the sound of it starting at 11 a.m., over those gooey-warm CBS airwaves, just when the day is still technically young and yet already somehow wasted. It feels like skipping class again and again, the MWF 10:30 section of Lit 125: The Emerging Self.

That sounds about right. Is it possible, by the way, to have a television set in America without having seen the show? And could it ever work without the Barkman and his preposterous mic?


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