Deliriously stupid

Let’s be clear: it would be a minor tragedy if Alec Baldwin were to never act again. Despite being in a lot of crap, the guy is undoubtedly one of the best actors of his generation — from the motivational speaker in Glengarry Glen Ross to (our own personal favorite) his fulsome cop in The Departed:

He is also, judging from that now-infamous voicemail, apparently a huge asshole. But how many of your favorite performers are? Surely a good number. Isn’t this just part of a devil’s bargain — big talent comes with bigger demons? Who wants their entertainers to be saints? We won’t stop enjoying Alec Baldwin’s acting anymore than we’ll stop enjoying Kramer on Seinfeld.

To wit: you, like us, may love Eddie Murphy from Beverly Hills Cop and his years on SNL. But (and maybe you already knew this and we’re just late to the party) in addition to being a blindingly charismatic performer, he is also a fairly despicable human being. If you need proof, here is the beginning (the beginning! He doesn’t waste any time getting to the hateful slurs) of his stand-up act from Delirious [warning: vulgar, offensive and unfunny]:

Oh, Eddie. It’s almost like you’re trying to compensate for your transvestite-hooker-loving ways.


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