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You may be surprised to learn: though still in its infancy, this blog has quickly become the proverbial talk of the town, eliciting unrestrained praise and garnering several hundred hits a day! Now while the previous sentence is patently false, there’s no reason it can’t become true. So what we’re driving at here is … tell your friends about us? Or, you know, not.

And in the spirit of shameless promotion, we thought we would share with you a few other blogs worth checking out. As you can see, there are a lot of links on the right side of this thing — but most of them are written by people we’ve never met! This is because most of our friends are too busy “working” and “going out” to write a blog. There are, however, four humble blogs (all on blogspot! it’s free!) that are written by some fine friends of ours and we think they are all probably more deserving of your hits than this one. Without further ado…

Remember this, Mets fans? It’s been a while.

1. Sam’s Mets Blog

First up is this peculiar animal. Some have called it the musings of a “ragtag librarian from Queens.” Others have deemed it “bold in its disregard for blog aesthetics.” We say that it is the foremost authority on the metaphysical experience of rooting for a team that will invariably let you down (see: 9th inning, Game 7, NLCS ’06). Sam — who we prefer to think of as a dissolute librarian from Queens — inhabits the manly world of interior design by day, and (we assume) drinks bourbon whiskey and watches the Mets by night. His observations on the day-to-day progress of his favorite team are always entertaining but the real hook is his stories of stumbling upon drunken females dancing on bars. A must-read.

Shapely equestrian Matt Singer.

2. Termite Art

With a title cribbed from Manny Farber’s Film Culture essay, this is the perfect place for former Kim’s employees to bask in the glow of an unhealthy obsession with the movies. We kid! Written by the superb tag-team of Matt Singer and R. Emmett Sweeney (secret: his name is Rob!), Termite Art is an irreverent forum for appraising mainstream and arthouse films alike. Singer does an impressive job of maintaining a steady stream of regular posts — especially considering he moonlights as the host of IFC news! Sweeney, on the other hand, posts whenever he sobers up enough to use his keyboard. So: rarely. You should really just check out this blog for the YouTube clips of Nicholas Cage:

Also, Termite Art gets nearly 200 hits every day! This is only slightly less impressive when you factor in the 160 people who arrive every day to take a gander at that picture of Bo Derek on a horse. Seriously, who would try such a transparent stunt to boost their hits?

Everyone’s favorite footballer.

3. Don Rodriguez

Another sports blog! But this one is about a sport you probably don’t care about. Or maybe you do! We (partly through the necessity of circumstance) have recently come to realize that the Beautiful Game is, in fact, just that: quite beautiful. At least it is when players aren’t taking Oscar-worthy dives and fans aren’t splitting each other’s skulls open. Bronx-based blogprietor, P. L’O., is a Manchester United fan, which is sort of (but not really) like being from from Los Angeles and rooting for the Yankees. We very much enjoy Señor Rodriguez’s light-hearted and often quite funny take on the game — also, Nas fans will delight in his sublime captioning abilities.

It’s a long way to the top.

4. The Dizzies

Last but oh-so-certainly not least is this little gem, written by a former editor at the PTSNBN and devoted to all things literary and synchronous. With a sizzling combination of flair and substance, the enigmatic Mr. E.P. is unafraid to take on whatever cosmic coincidence he comes across. He is also a tireless advocate for writers he thinks deserve attention (i.e., his friends) and is just generally ridiculously erudite. Required reading for oulipians!


Whew, that was exhausting. It occurs to us: if we knew a blogger in Staten Island, we would have all five boroughs covered. Alas, we don’t know anybody from Staten Island and doubt we ever will. So this will have to do. Go read these people’s blogs!


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