Paging Ned Holness

If your eyes begin to bleed, you should probably stop looking at this picture.

A statement of principles? Sure. It’s simple: here at the Caganer we pledge to make a concerted effort to not savage people. The blogo…world (can’t bring ourselves to use that other phrase) is already filled with enough poorly-conceived venom and “blog fights” — we don’t really see a pressing need to contribute our own petty thoughts.

However, every rule must have its exceptions. A list of people we can’t promise to not attack:

Thomas L. Friedman
Carlos Mencia

Okay, so it’s a rather short list so far (and we’re still sort of on the fence about that last guy) but there’s room for it to grow. Also we’re not including people (O’Reilly, et al) who are obviously evil and sufficiently belittled elsewhere. Anyone we’re forgetting? Suggestions are welcome.

All of this is a roundabout way of directing you to this quite stirring takedown of Tom Friedman’s recent NY Times Magazine cover story about environmentalism, brought to you by the good folks at Gawker. It’s good for a laugh — until you realize that Friedman might be the most influential “thinker” of the 21st century. Lord help us.

Anyway: you’re next, Mencia.


One response to “Paging Ned Holness

  1. Let me tell you what your blog is not: A window into the mind of a ragtag librarian living in Queens.

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