April in Paris

Church of St. Joan of Arc in Rouen.

Our apologies for dropping off the face of the planet this week. Starting a blog the week before one’s trip to France probably isn’t the best idea. Also, we would’ve posted something from an internet cafe if French keyboards weren’t completely impossible to navigate without getting dizzy. But we’re back in London — after missing the Eurostar train last night and having to spend the night at a one-star hotel outside of the Paris train station. Since we’re still pretty out of it, we’ll phone in this post with some pretty pictures. And for those of you in NYC, go see The Long Goodbye at Film Forum next week (and read this lovely appreciation by Terrence Rafferty).

More photos after the jump…

Peeing cherubs on either side.

Omaha beach in Normandy.

World War II Museum in Caen.




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