Antichrist television blues

From today’s NY Times, octoseptuagenarian Larry King looks to the future:

When his tenure does eventually end, Mr. King said his first choice to succeed him would be Ryan Seacrest, the “American Idol” host and disc jockey, presuming he is interested.

“He’s the classic generalist,” Mr. King said, his eyes peering through rectangular lenses that evoke flat-panel televisions. “The only thing I don’t know, and I’ve gotten to know him pretty well, is how versed he is in politics, world affairs. Does he read the paper? Is he interested in Iraq? Because if he is, he’s going to be very good.”

Seacrest in? We’re not exactly sure how succession works on an eponymous t.v. show. Will it still be called Larry King Live — sort of like the Charles Mingus Big Band? Or will it be called [shudder] Ryan Seacrest Live?

The larger picture: It’s becoming apparent that R.S. isn’t just a flash in the pan and that we’re stuck with him for the long haul. This is truly horrifying. Will we be telling our children we knew him back when? Might a tragic accident befall him? Is this a bad dream? Do Larry King’s glasses really evoke flat-panel televisions?


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